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California County bans planting of biotech crops
USA: March 4, 2004

Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize.
John Vidal, environment editor, Friday February 27, 2004, The Guardian.

This should be the end for GM
The GM industry must have been scratching its head on Thursday morning following news that yet another of its key claims had been spectacularly demolished. Far from benefiting the environment, as Monsanto spent millions of pounds telling us it would, we now know that genetically modified crops are bad for diversity. That at least is the conclusion of the Government's long-awaited field trials.
Zac Goldsmith, The Observer, Sunday, October 19, 2003

Monsanto retreating from European wheat business. 10-15-03

New evidence of problems with use of GMOs, (24/9/2003)

Flaws in Monsanto's Safety Assessment of Roundup Ready Soybeans.
Third World Network Biosafety Information Service, 28 July 2003.

Monsanto has maintained that there is no difference between GM soybeans and its conventional strains. But according to a Japanese scientist, whose report is attached below, safety tests conducted by Monsanto are riddled with flaws that include: testing of proteins not derived from the GM plant; soybeans used for tests were not produced with Roundup, therefore the data obtained with such samples may not be valid to guarantee the safety of soybean that human and animals consume in real life; insufficient feeding experiments; and intentional neglect of "inappropriate" data which have a bearing on the final conclusions.

Bush's evangelising about food chills European hearts
The fight over GM crops exposes the weaknesses of globalisation, says Jeremy Rifkin, in
The Guardian. Monday June 2nd

A GM-Free London?
Noel Lynch, a Green Party member of the London Assembly, brought some good news to the conference. He reported that the Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has included the following statement in London's Biodiversity Strategy: "The mayor will oppose commercial or experimental release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment in London". The Greens in the Assembly are now lobbying determinedly for the Mayor to declare London a GM-free zone

SARS and Genetic Engineering?
The complete sequence of the SARS virus is now available, confirming it is a new coronavirus unrelated to any previously known. Has genetic engineering contributed to creating it? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins call for an investigation.

WHO 'infiltrated by food industry
The food industry has infiltrated the World Health Organisation, just as the tobacco industry did, and succeeded in exerting "undue influence" over policies intended to safeguard public health by limiting the amount of fat, sugar and salt we consume, according to a confidential report.
Sarah Boseley, health editor, Thursday January 9, 2003, The Guardian.

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