Biotech industrie trekt gmo-voedsel terug

De producten, die teruggetrokken worden door de Biotech industrie zijn:

  • GMO mais , Bt176 geproduceerd door Syngenta
  • GMO koolzaad, Ms1xRf1,geproduceerd door Bayer
  • GMO koolzaad, Ms1xRf2, geproduceerd door Bayer
  • GMO koolzaad, Topas 19/2, geproduceerd doorBayer
  • GMO mais, GA21xMON810,geproduceerd door Monsanto

The products include a controversial GM maize that was initially grown in Spain but was stopped following health concerns because it contains a resistance gene to the commonly used antibiotic, ampicillin. It was also central to environmental concerns in the United States after research indicated that it could damage the Monarch butterfly.[ Citaat uit bron Friends of the Earth) 

Bron: Friends of the Earth; 20-03-2007, Biotech industry withdraws GM foods