Whose Conspiracy Is It, Mr. Johnson?—CHD’s Response to FCC General Counsel’s Op-Ed in the Washington Post

By Susan Foster and Dafna Tachover, Director of CHD’s Stop 5G and Wireless Harms Project

The Washington Post published a June 4, 2020 Op-Ed “5G conspiracy theories threaten the U.S. recovery” by Thomas M. Johnson, Jr., General Counsel for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Mr. Johnson employed fallacious straw-man arguments by dramatically pointing his finger at the wrong target in order to avoid the real problem: his client, the FCC, and those like the Washington Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos, who is heavily invested in 5G. All Mr. Johnson really did is confirm Harvard University’s Center for Ethics’ publication showing that the FCC is a “Captured Agency”  that has “overlooked, sacrificed, or raided” “consumer safety, health, and privacy, along with consumer wallets,” “due to unchecked industry influence.”

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Breaking: COGEM vindt versoepeling GMO regels vanwege de ontwikkeling van een COVID-19 vaccin onverantwoord en disproportioneel

24 juni 2020:

In het nieuws volop aandacht voor het (‘tijdelijk’) genetisch manipuleren corona-vaccins en sinds gisteren zelfs een poll om de stemming bij het volk te peilen (meer dan 50% was het er volmondig mee eens en vond het best).

Maar waarom lezen we dit onderstaande niet in de media? NOS-journaal?? Nederland lijkt zo te horen juist tégen de EU oproep te zijn om in te stemmen met de gentechnologiepraktijken van covid-vaccins.

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Europese Commissie wil soepelere regels in jacht op vaccin

  • Hannah van der Wurff Redacteur Bureau Brussel Bron: NOS

Quote: “De Europese Commissie wil dat tijdelijk de strenge regels voor genetische manipulatie opzij worden gezet. Op die manier hoopt de commissie dat een vaccin tegen corona sneller kan worden ontwikkeld. In het Europees Parlement zijn er grote voorstanders, maar ook felle tegenstanders.”

Ons commentaar een zeer zorgwekkende en gevaarlijke ontwikkeling. We worden hoe langer hoe meer proefkonijnen. Vooral omdat men de farmaceut AstraZeneca noemt waarbij nog talrijke rechtszaken lopen vanwege omkoping en misleiding.

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Open Consultations

Maize MZIR098 Scientific opinion on application for authorisation of genetically modified Maize MZIR098 for food and feed uses submitted under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 by Syngenta (EFSA‐GMO‐DE‐2017‐142) EFSA opinion: 26 June 2020 Deadline: 27 July 2020 Submit comments

EFSA opinion : “The GMO Panel does not identify safety concerns regarding the toxicity and allergenicity of the eC ry3.1Ab, mC ry3A (Bt´s!, webmaster) and PAT proteins (toxic herbicide glufosinate-ammonium! webmaster) as expressed in maize MZIR 098, and finds no evidence that the genetic modification would change the overall allergenicity of maize MZIR 098. In the context of this application, the consumption of food and feed from maize MZIR 098 does not represent a nutritional concern in humans and animals“.

De wetenschappers van EFSA zien geen enkele giftigheid bij deze gentech mais. Maar de herbiciden en de Bt die er over gesprayd worden dan? Daar doet de EFSA geen onderzoek naar! En dat al jaren! Schande! Dit moet stoppen! Bron/Source.

Fragmenten uit ons bezwaar:

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UK: Much worse than chlorinated chicken? DANGERS OF GENE-EDITED FOODS

Be aware that there is a crisis in the UK at present, as there is a real danger that parliament will soon pass a law that redefines GMOs in such a way that gene-edited organisms are excluded from the definition. This would mean that 90% of GMOs will become deregulated, and no longer considered as GMOs at all. (Dutch translation below/Nederlandse vertaling hieronder).

Quote- See more here.


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Zach Bush on COVID 19, glyphosate, and the nature of viruses

In this episode Jeffrey speaks with Dr. Zach Bush, MD an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems.  Zach believes that COVID-19 has been demonized by the mechanisms at the CDC and WHO and that the ulterior motive of both of these organizations seems to be the production of a multi-billion dollar vaccine.  Many viruses of the past like MERS and SARS have disappeared naturally over the course of 12 months without the need for a vaccine.  Zach, as always, speaks truth to the public health system.” Go to the video.

Maternal glyphosate exposure causes autism-like behaviors in offspring through increased expression of soluble epoxide hydrolase

Yaoyu Pu, Jun Yang, Lijia Chang, Youge Qu, Siming Wang, Kai Zhang, Zhongwei Xiong, Jiancheng Zhang, Yunfei Tan, Xingming Wang, Yuko Fujita, Tamaki Ishima, Debin Wang, Sung Hee Hwang, View ORCID Profile Bruce D. Hammock, and View ORCID Profile Kenji Hashimoto PNAS May 26, 2020 117 (21) 11753-11759; first published May 12, 2020 https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1922287117Add to Cart ($10)

  1. Contributed by Bruce D. Hammock, March 30, 2020 (sent for review January 6, 2020; reviewed by Staci D. Bilbo and Mikhail M. Pletnikov)


Maternal exposure to high levels of the herbicide glyphosate may increase the risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in offspring; however, the underlying mechanisms remain largely unknown. Maternal glyphosate exposure during pregnancy and lactation caused ASD-like behavioral abnormalities and abnormal composition of gut microbiota in murine male offspring. Source

Glyfosaat is ook aangetroffen in vaccins. Uitspraak Zen Honeycutt Moms across America.