Animal-free GMO products are anything but natural


While the technologies used to create GMOs may be changing, they’re still GMOs. But the same GMO industry that spent millions to prevent the mandatory labeling of transgenic GMOs are now using clever marketing to trick consumers into thinking their new GMOs are not GMOs.

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EU-commissie behartigt de belangen van de grote agribusiness met de nieuwste raadpleging over nieuwe GGO’s, geef je mening

Laat via deze (gekleurde) consultatie van de EU (wel heel ingewikkeld) weten hoe je over de nieuwe gentechnieken denkt die de EU wil toelaten. Kan in elke taal. Meer info zie GMWatch.

Consultation period/ consultatie periode: 29 April 2022 – 22 July 2022  (midnight Brussels time). Have your say!

Een fragment van onze opmerkingen:

De Gentechvrije Burgers zijn voor de uitbreiding van biologisch voedsel en willen geen gentech voedsel van welke aard dan ook, eten. Deze consultatie is vooral gericht op het goedvinden van deze technieken. Terwijl er zo veel gezonde alternatieven zijn. Mocht het zo zijn dat u deze gentechnieken die vaak nog maar bestaan uit plannen en niet uit planten, toch toe te laten, dan moeten ze aan de strengste eisen voldoen. Ook moeten herbiciden vanwege herbicidetolerantie die in planten wordt aangebracht, worden onderzocht op schadelijkheid. Dat mankeert nog in de huidige wet.


A quote of our comments:

The GMO Free Citizens are in favor of the expansion of organic food and do not want to eat GMO food of any kind. This consultation is mainly aimed at approving these techniques. While there are so many healthy alternatives. If it is the case that you allow these gene techniques, which often only consist of plans and not of plants, they must meet the strictest requirements. Also, due to herbicide tolerance applied to plants, herbicides should be tested for harmfulness. That is still lacking in the current law.

Dringende oproep Testbiotech

Dringende oproep van Testbiotech. De EU wil de nieuwe gentechnieken zoals Crispr/Cas niet onder de huidige gentech EU wetgeving laten vallen. Zo kunnen nieuwe technieken er voor zorgen dat we niet meer kunnen kiezen uit conventionele – of bio landbouwproducten.

New Techniques Same GMO´s.

From: Non-GMO Project @NonGMOProject
TWEET: This week, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the developers of CRISPR-Cas9, the GE tool that promises to “rewrite the code of life.” This distinguished panel of experts discusses what that means for the future of our food system — and our planet.

Nieuwe technieken dezelfde GMO´s.

Van: Non-GMO Project @NonGMOProject
TWEET: Deze week is de Nobelprijs voor chemie toegekend aan de ontwikkelaars van CRISPR-Cas9, de gentech tool dat belooft “de code van het leven te herschrijven” . Dit vooraanstaande panel van experts discussieert wat dat voor de toekomst betekent voor ons voedselsysteem en voor onze planeet.

GMWatch: First open source detection test for a gene-edited GM crop

GMWatch: Eerste door iedereen te gebruiken test om een gene- edited gewas, (nieuwste vorm van gentech) in dit geval een gentech koolzaadplant die bestand is gemaakt tegen een bestrijdingsmiddel op te sporen. Dr. John Fagan heeft hier o.a. aan meegewerkt. Lees de peer reviewed paper. (=wetenschappelijke verhandeling die is nagekeken door andere wetenschappers). Dit is heel goed nieuws omdat het VK deze nieuwe gewassen na de Brexit niet geëtiketteerd en ongetest op de markt wil brengen.

Details Published (source): 07 September 2020 Twitter

“We have developed this test because authorities have failed to do so” – German association Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG)

A group of non-governmental organisations, non-GMO food associations and a food retailer have announced that the first-ever public detection method for a gene-edited crop has been successfully developed and published.[1] The gene-edited crop in question is a herbicide-tolerant rapeseed produced by US company Cibus (SU Canola).

The new research refutes claims by the biotech industry and some regulators that new genetically modified (GM) crops engineered with gene editing are indistinguishable from similar, non-GM crops and therefore cannot be regulated.[2] Some such claims are published here.
The new method detects a herbicide-tolerant rapeseed variety that was developed using gene editing, a new form of genetic engineering. It allows European Union (EU) countries to carry out checks to prevent this unauthorised GM crop from entering EU food and feed supply chains illegally. Until now, EU countries were unable to test their imports for the presence of this GM rapeseed, which is grown in parts of the US and Canada.


Watch a video on this development here.

Stop Gene Drives

Petition for a ban on the release of gene drive organisms

Een petitie vanuit Duitsland bestemd voor de hele EU:

Allemaal tekenen tegen de nieuwe gentech technieken, die in staat zijn het DNA (erfelijke eigenschappen) van een levend organisme, dier of mensen blijvend te veranderen en in staat is hele levensvormen te laten verdwijnen. En die als het aan Engeland ligt na de Brexit niet onderzocht en niet gelabeld hoeven te worden. Eenmaal in het milieu losgelaten is er geen weg meer terug! Vraag om een moratorium (tijdelijke stopzetting)! EU-burgers zeg nee! Een ernstige zaak!

Sign the petition

Gene drive organisms are perhaps one of the most dangerous environmental applications of genetic engineering ever developed: Enabled by new genetic engineering techniques such as CRISPR/Cas9, the genetic make-up of living organisms can be fundamentally altered and the natural rules of heredity can be overridden. In this way, wild species can be genetically modified, replaced or even eradicated. Once released into nature, gene drive organisms would be irretrievable. Any field trial would potentially be highly risky. In the worst case scenario the release of gene drive organisms into nature could accelerate the extinction of species and lead to the collapse of entire ecosystems. We call on the German Federal Government, to use its EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020, to bring about a Europe-wide ban on the release of gene drive organisms and to make good use of its role as the chief negotiator for the EU at the next Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in October 2020 to prevent the first releases of gene drive organisms into nature.

Lees verder “Stop Gene Drives”

New global threat from GMOs

@GMWatch: “There’s an enormous new threat you probably don’t know much about. Not climate chaos, dying oceans, depleted soils, or widespread chemical pollution. If we magically reverse all of these problems, we may still lose the natural world we…#gmo

The Institute for Responsible Technology, 11,1K Abonnees. “If the biotech industry and their government supporters have their way, thousands upon thousands of labs will introduce countless altered species. Collectively, they can replace nature. Take action at“.

Urgent message for all Australians

Latest news:

Senator RICE (Victoria) (15:30): I move: That the Gene Technology Amendment (2019 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2019, made under the Gene Technology Act 2000 , be disallowed [F2019L00573].

Division: NOES 42 (29 majority) AYES 13 PAIRS 0

Forwarded message:

Thanks so much if you contacted your Senators to demand they ensure that all genetically modified organisms (GMOs) continue to be assessed for safety. The Senate will vote on the issue this Wednesday (13th) and Labor Party support will be vital. Unfortunately, the Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen has said Labor won’t support the Greens disallowance motion – and we need to change this.

Can you give him a call on 02 6277 4822?

Alternatively you can send him a tweet

Or message him on his Facebook page

The organic industry and the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility last week joined the growing number of voices warning of the potentially disastrous consequences of these regulatory changes. They mean that new GM techniques such as CRISPR can be used in our environment and food chain with no requirement for safety assessment or traceability.

Please tell Chris to regulate CRISPR!

Thanks so much for your support,
Louise Sales

See also: here to take action today! Deadline tomorrow!

We, The European GMO-free Citizens together with famous Dutch actress, artist and writer Wieteke van Dort send him this message yesterday:

Lees verder “Urgent message for all Australians”

Gene-edited animals will intensify factory farming and the climate crisis, could harm human health and more news from GMWatch

Details Published: 17 September 2019, link.

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