Teken tegen de gevaren van Crispr Cas de nieuwe DNA gentechniek

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Gentecheters fragment dna monster

Please sign against the dangers of Crispr Cas the new DNA manipulation technique

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The Dangers of  CRISPR, the new DNA manipulation technique

Aan/to: António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations

Dear António Guterres, Secretary‐General of the United Nations,
Together with some scientist and politicians, some companies want to push forward the use of the CRISPR new DNA manipulation technique, a highly controversial new genetic extinction technology. This technique has been presented to the world as potentially able to eradicate malaria mosquitoes, agricultural pests, invasive species, getting “rid off” hereditary diseases, but already having potential military negative uses of CRISPR to fight humans. With the results of CRISRP technique we are at an even more dangerous threshold than Climate Change disasters. Changes can invisibly be made in plants, animals and humans and also sightless in different labs all around the globe, without anybody knowing about it, and they are irreversible. By allowing scientist to go ahead without any laws nor a coordinating legal surveillance organization, they will be able to experiment and change the DNA of plants, animals and humans and bring the planet into a devastating and chaotic situation. They advocate “good intentions”. But what is really behind it is Money, Fame, Control of the market and of peoples lives through Patents.
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De petitie is erg belangrijk en kan onze steun goed gebruiken. Klik hieronder om meer te lezen en uw naam toe te voegen:

The petition is very important and can use our support well. Click below to put your name on our petition, thank you Margalit Laufer. She is on Facebook.

Petitie van Avaaz.org

The Dangers of  CRISPR, the new DNA manipulation technique

Hartelijk dank,  Margalit Laufer. Thank you very much, Margalit Laufer.

Bron: You Tube, Risk Bites.

Gepubliceerd op 30 nov. 2015

Gene drives are a radical new way of eliminating insect-borne disease such as Zika, dengue and malaria, by engineering the genetic makeup of entire species.  And they’re not limited to insects – any animal that reproduces sexually is fair game.  But as the technology steams head, fueled by powerful gene editing techniques like CRISPR, how can we ensure that it is used responsibly?

Risk Bites gives the low-down on drives and gene editing  in this essentials guide, and takes a look at the benefits, as well as the potential risks.

Gene editing can now change an entire species — forever | Jennifer Kahn
Bron: TED
Gepubliceerd op 2 jun. 2016
Jennifer Kahn is a contributing writer at the New York TImes Magazine, and a feature writer for The New Yorker, Wired, National Geographic and Outside, among others. A graduate of Princeton University and UC Berkeley, she has degrees in astrophysics and journalism.
CRISPR gene drives allow scientists to change sequences of DNA and guarantee that the resulting edited genetic trait is inherited by future generations, opening up the possibility of altering entire species forever. More than anything, this technology has led to questions: How will this new power…Meer

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