Toegelaten gentech mais in de EU veroorzaakt ziekten bij ratten.

mais ziekten in ratten 2018 GMWatch

MON89034 (gentech mais) veroorzaakt ziekten in ratten 2018 GMWatch

What’s in MON89034 maize?

MON89034, marketed as YieldGard™ VT Pro™, is a Monsanto GM maize that expresses its own Bt toxin insecticides. MON89034 maize contains a unique mix of insecticidal proteins called Bt toxins. The plants produce a synthetic Bt toxin, Cry1A.105 – a combination of Bt toxins called Cry1Ac/Cry1Ab and Cry1F. There is no natural form of this combined protein, so safety cannot be concluded by comparison wth natural Bt toxins used previously. More

Bron GMWatch. Gentech mais toegelaten in EU veroorzaakt ziekten bij ratten.

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