Nog aan de gang: bekijk 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit

Josh del Sol Gepubliceerd op 6 aug. 2019 SUMMIT LAUNCHES AUG 26 – SEPT 1!! Join tens of thousands to learn the truth about 5G from the world-leading experts, and tap into solutions, by saving your spot here: zie ook onze site over 5G.

Quote: “This lack of safety testing, for both vaccines and 5G, is the primary red flag they share in common. The medical ethical principle of informed consent, arrived at only after the horrors of Nazi human experimentation came into full light during the Nuremberg trials, requires that those who undergo exposure to health risks be fully informed of them, and not just the purported benefits. Without access to information of this kind, without which informed consent is not possible, medical and/or the tech industry’s practice and products violate fundamental human rights Source.

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