GMO strawberries USA

From: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth

5u  · “GMO strawberries? Hard pass. Gene-edited GMO strawberries will be coming to stores fairly soon. No long-term safety studies or labeling required, thanks to USDA’s deregulation of all GMOs created through new genetic engineering methods such as gene editing. The new GMO strawberry is brought to you by the same corporation that brought GMO potatoes to the U.S. market – J. R. Simplot. One of the “benefits” they tell us, is that these GMO strawberries will “reduce pesticide use.” We’ve heard that lie before. Don’t be fooled. Boycott GMO strawberries. Since they won’t be labeled, the only way to avoid them is to buy either certified organic or certified biodynamic, with the added Non-GMO Project Verified label.”


GMWatch: Scientists find yet more genetic errors from CRISPR gene editing

Details Published: 06 November 2021

Quote: “In the study, the scientists examined the genome of zebrafish after using CRISPR-Cas. They found that large structural changes (large insertions and deletions) had occurred at both the target sequence and at so-called off-target sites.

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