A GM-Free London?

UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher addressed an historic gathering at which dozens of prominent scientists launched themselves as an Independent Science Panel (ISP) to counteract what they see to be a concerted campaign by the government and the scientific establishment to promote genetic modification (GM) under the guise of ‘sound’ science.
Zie I-SIS: Michael Meacher At Launch of Independent Science Panel

Noel Lynch, a Green Party member of the London Assembly, brought some good news to the conference. He reported that the Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has included the following statement in London’s Biodiversity Strategy: “The mayor will oppose commercial or experimental release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment in London”. The Greens in the Assembly are now lobbying determinedly for the Mayor to declare London a GM-free zone.

Recent Evidence Confirms Risks of Horizontal Gene Transfer

Recent Evidence Confirms Risks of Horizontal Gene Transfer 

I-SIS Contribution to ACNFP/Food Standards Agency Open Meeting 13 November 2002

Horizontal gene transfer is one of the most serious, if not the most serious hazard of transgenic technology. I have been drawing our regulators’ attention to it at least since 1996 [1], when there was already sufficient evidence to suggest that transgenic DNA in GM crops and products can spread by being taken up directly by viruses and bacteria as well as plant and animals cells.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science in Society, PO Box 32097, London NW1 0XR

Predicted Hazard of Gene Therapie a Reality

Predicted Hazard of Gene Therapy A Reality

I-SIS was almost a lone voice warning of cancer from foreign genes inserting into the genome in ‘gene therapy’ and other exposures to transgenic DNA. Regrettably, this has now become reality.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho calls for a comprehensive review of gene therapy and other transgenic technologies, for they carry similar risks.

The French team that made news in 2000 treating children with severe combined immune deficiency (SCID) had to call a halt to the gene therapy trial. One of the ten children treated has developed what looks like leukaemia.
(bron: Source: Science, News of the Week, 4 October 2002)

Oprichting Stichting Ekopark

Oprichting van Stichting Ekopark, KvK-nummer: 39080548, gevestigd te Lelystad.

Oprichting van Stichting Ekopark
Oprichting van Stichting Ekopark

Links op de foto; Maria Lieve, secretaris, midden Theo Tromp, voorzitter. rechts Miep Bos die feliciteerde met de oprichting. Miep Bos is woordvoerster van De Gentechvrije Burgers, Europees Consumentenplatform (The European GMO-free Citizens).

Belangrijkste doelstelling van Stichting Ekopark:

Het voorkomen dat genetisch gemanipuleerde organismen in het wereldecosysteem terecht komen.