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Planet Lockdown
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This sit down interview with Sucharit Bhakdi about the current situation we find ourselves in. He is the most cited microbiologist in German academic history, an authority if there ever was one shocked by the events of this year, he is speaking out about the scientific fallacies and human rights abuses at work now.

GMWatch: First open source detection test for a gene-edited GM crop

GMWatch: Eerste door iedereen te gebruiken test om een gene- edited gewas, (nieuwste vorm van gentech) in dit geval een gentech koolzaadplant die bestand is gemaakt tegen een bestrijdingsmiddel op te sporen. Dr. John Fagan heeft hier o.a. aan meegewerkt. Lees de peer reviewed paper. (=wetenschappelijke verhandeling die is nagekeken door andere wetenschappers). Dit is heel goed nieuws omdat het VK deze nieuwe gewassen na de Brexit niet geëtiketteerd en ongetest op de markt wil brengen.

Details Published (source): 07 September 2020 Twitter

“We have developed this test because authorities have failed to do so” – German association Food without Genetic Engineering (VLOG)

A group of non-governmental organisations, non-GMO food associations and a food retailer have announced that the first-ever public detection method for a gene-edited crop has been successfully developed and published.[1] The gene-edited crop in question is a herbicide-tolerant rapeseed produced by US company Cibus (SU Canola).

The new research refutes claims by the biotech industry and some regulators that new genetically modified (GM) crops engineered with gene editing are indistinguishable from similar, non-GM crops and therefore cannot be regulated.[2] Some such claims are published here.
The new method detects a herbicide-tolerant rapeseed variety that was developed using gene editing, a new form of genetic engineering. It allows European Union (EU) countries to carry out checks to prevent this unauthorised GM crop from entering EU food and feed supply chains illegally. Until now, EU countries were unable to test their imports for the presence of this GM rapeseed, which is grown in parts of the US and Canada.


Watch a video on this development here.

Geruisloze aanpassingen in de UK

Zonder enige ophef wordt in de UK, waar de wetten van de EU na de Brexit niet meer zullen gelden, een nieuw GMO programma geïntroduceerd, waarbij in 1 keer meer dan 13.000 genetische veranderingen in 1 cel wordt aangebracht, massively parallelled gene editing genaamd. Deze gewassen e.d. die daar mee bewerkt worden, hoeven in de UK niet gecontroleerd te worden op veiligheid en hoeven niet gelabeld te worden!

Meer gegevens ontvang ik op woensdag a.s. en er komt ook een paper met ernstige waarschuwing over dit onderwerp aan, die ik nog zal ontvangen. Niet alleen de voedselvoorziening in de UK is gevaar, maar dat zal niet tot dat land beperkt blijven!

Wordt vervolgd!

Een paper uit 2018 over dit onderwerp:



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Corporate Karma

Please share the video widely. Please share again and again.

A link to this video was contained in a joint press release (see below), between IRT and the German-based Coordination against BAYER-Dangers (CBG). On Thursday, April 23rd, our release went to about 700 European news outlets.

On Sunday, April 26th, CBD hosted Jeffrey at their online press event, which also featured a member of the European Parliament. Click here to view Jeffrey’s presentation.

Jeffrey also presented at the day-long online protest event that occurred in parallel with Bayer’s annual meeting on Tuesday.

He submitted two questions, with significant explanation, to be read during the shareholder meeting. Although Bayer claimed they read and answered every question during the meeting, they reduced his two minute explanation to a butchered 5 seconds. Bayer thereby depriving its shareholders and the public from hearing Jeffrey’s dire prediction about the company’s future, and specific remedies needed to help prevent bankruptcy.

What follows is the text of yesterday’s press release provides Jeffrey’s analysis and recommendations.

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Philanthrocapitalism: The Gates Foundation’s African programmes are not charity


Quote:” By and large, the Foundation’s grants do not support locally defined priorities, do not fit within the holistic approach urged by many development experts, and do not investigate the long-term effectiveness and risks of genetic modification. ” (2017).

Written by Philip Bereano, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, is a member of the Seattle-based Community Alliance for Global Justice and an activist in its AGRA Watch Project.