New global threat from GMOs

@GMWatch: “There’s an enormous new threat you probably don’t know much about. Not climate chaos, dying oceans, depleted soils, or widespread chemical pollution. If we magically reverse all of these problems, we may still lose the natural world we…#gmo

The Institute for Responsible Technology, 11,1K Abonnees. “If the biotech industry and their government supporters have their way, thousands upon thousands of labs will introduce countless altered species. Collectively, they can replace nature. Take action at“.

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Soybean MON 87751 × MON 87701 × MON 87708 × MON 89788 Scientific opinion on application for authorisation of genetically modified Soybean MON 87751 × MON 87701 × MON 87708 × MON 89788 for food and feed uses submitted under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 by Monsanto (EFSA- GMO-NL-2016-128).
EFSA opinion: 11 November 2019 Deadline: 11 December 2019 Add your comments

Weer een nieuwe aanvraag van een gentech voedingsmiddel (soja) van Monsanto die op de EU markt gebracht zal worden als voedsel en voer maar niet voor teelt. (Ze zijn de laatste tijd wel bezig!) Waarbij de burger zijn/haar mening mag geven.

Urgent message for all Australians

Latest news:

Senator RICE (Victoria) (15:30): I move: That the Gene Technology Amendment (2019 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2019, made under the Gene Technology Act 2000 , be disallowed [F2019L00573].

Division: NOES 42 (29 majority) AYES 13 PAIRS 0

Forwarded message:

Thanks so much if you contacted your Senators to demand they ensure that all genetically modified organisms (GMOs) continue to be assessed for safety. The Senate will vote on the issue this Wednesday (13th) and Labor Party support will be vital. Unfortunately, the Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen has said Labor won’t support the Greens disallowance motion – and we need to change this.

Can you give him a call on 02 6277 4822?

Alternatively you can send him a tweet

Or message him on his Facebook page

The organic industry and the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility last week joined the growing number of voices warning of the potentially disastrous consequences of these regulatory changes. They mean that new GM techniques such as CRISPR can be used in our environment and food chain with no requirement for safety assessment or traceability.

Please tell Chris to regulate CRISPR!

Thanks so much for your support,
Louise Sales

See also: here to take action today! Deadline tomorrow!

We, The European GMO-free Citizens together with famous Dutch actress, artist and writer Wieteke van Dort send him this message yesterday:

“Urgent message for all Australians” verder lezen

Environment MEPs oppose plans to authorise four herbicide-resistant GMOs (2)

Press Releases ENVI Yesterday (6-11-19). “The Environment Committee today opposed the Commission’s plans to authorise the import of products containing four glyphosate and glufosinate ammonium resistant GMOs, in a vote on Wednesday.

The Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee of the European Parliament today opposed the European Commission’s plans to authorise the import of products containing four herbicide-resistant GMOs and calls on the Commission to withdraw its draft implementing decisions on these products. This follows the decision of Plenary 10 October 2019 to oppose three other herbicide-resistant GMOs.

Next steps
The non-binding resolutions will be put to a vote during the Brussels Plenary on 14 November.”. MORE

Open Consultations (EU)

Maize MON 87427 x MON 89034 x MIR162 x MON 87411 EFSA Scientific Opinion on the Assessment of genetically modified maize MON 87427 x MON 89034 x MIR162 x MON 87411 and subcombinations, for food and feed uses, under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 EFSA opinion: 7 November 2019 Deadline: 8 December 2019 Add your comments
Maize MIR604 EFSA Scientific Opinion on the assessment of genetically modified maize MIR604 for renewal authorisation under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 EFSA opinion: 7 November 2019 Deadline: 8 December 2019 Add your comments
Maize 3272 EFSA statement complementing the EFSA Scientific Opinion on application for authorisation of food and feed containing, consisting of and produced from genetically modified maize 3272 EFSA complementing statement: 4 November 2019 EFSA opinion: 20 June 2013 Deadline: 4 December 2019 Add your comments

What is really going on? Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

From: The Detox Dudes

Sophia Health ➡️

Luister naar deze bekende arts. Hij spreekt over de 4 componenten die de gezondheid van onze pijnappelklier aantasten:

* Glyfosaat (het besproeien van onze groenten)
* Fluoride (in onze tandpasta)
* Wifi (dat onze hersenbloedbarrière verzwakt)
* Aluminium (uit weermodificatie/chemtrails)

Dat alles perfect aan elkaar gelijmd met de vernietigende kracht van een 2,4 GHz stralingsfrequentie van de nieuwe 5G-technologie.
Dit is wetenschappelijk onderbouwd.
Deze video komt van een interview met dokter Klinghardt tijdens “the body electric summit” afgelopen maand.

Toch hoopt hij op een goede afloop binnenkort. Alles is nl. te stoppen.

Nieuwe studie bewijst: glufosaat veroorzaakt kanker

Quote: “Sinds 1983 voeren de fabrikanten van glyfosaat zes laboratoriumstudies met muizen uit. Met de trendtest tonen alle zes de muizenstudies dat glyfosaat kanker veroorzaakt. ‘Het bewijs uit dierstudies is in werkelijkheid het sterkst,’ zegt Sheppard. Dat schrijft ze ook met co-auteurs in haar studie, die in februari 2019 in …MEER. ” Bron: Vincent Harmsen, Follow the Money, 21-09-2019.

De studie zelf: Elsevier,

Mutation Research/Reviews in Mutation Research

Volume 781, July–September 2019, Pages 186-206

ReviewExposure to glyphosate-based herbicides and risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A meta-analysis and supporting evidence

Author links open overlay panelLuopingZhangaIemaanRanaaRachel M.ShafferbEmanuelaTaiolicLianneSheppardbd

Abstract, quote:”Overall, in accordance with findings from experimental animal and mechanistic studies, our current meta-analysis of human epidemiological studies suggests a compelling link between exposures to GBHs and increased risk for NHL.”