Openingsspeech Minister B. Bruins op het 4de Internationale Ayur-Veda congres:

Samenwerking gezondheidszorg India-Nederland

Evenement |  Minister Bruno Bruins. Activiteitendata Leiden. Minister Bruins (Medische Zorg en Sport) geeft een speech bij het seminar over de samenwerking tussen India en Nederland op het gebied van gezondheidszorg. Bron.

Ayurveda Congres Minister Bruins
Ayurveda Congres Minister Bruins

Summary video of the Seminar on India Netherlands Collaboration in Healthcare, including Ayurveda, 3 September 2018, Leiden, Netherlands – following the 4th International Ayurveda Congress on 1-2 September.


Ayurveda congres Leiden 3 sept. toespraak minister Bruins. Tweet Mahesvari
Ayurveda congres Leiden 3 sept. toespraak minister Bruins. Met dank aan @Mahesvari_ (Tweet).

Gedeelte van de toespraak van minister Bruno Bruins (transcript van bovenstaande video):

…….With mutual changes to learn from each other. You might have learned that the Dutch healthcare system is rated amongst the best of the world and provides high quality and in the same time it is accessible for all. Still I feel we can learn a lot from India. For example the notion that not all human discomfort can be solved by a hardcore medical solution. In India Ayurveda is an ancient and respected way of treatment. I am not an expert on Ayurveda but I was told that it is all about balance and that being healthy cannot be defined in one way. Being healthy in Ayurveda I have been told was something different for each and every one, which is an interesting thought. In The Netherlands we are also learning to have a broader view on what being healthy actually means. Is it just the absence of disease? No, being healthy is about able to function to participate in society. To achieve one’s personal goals and live as independently as possible.”

Ayurveda congres Leiden 3 sept. toespraak minister Bruins. Foto Tweet Mahesvar
Aansluitende bijeenkomst aan het Ayurveda Congres Leiden 3 sept. toespraak minister Bruins. Foto: Tweet van Mahesvari_ (met dank).

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