Steun uit Parijs van de NGO, ” OGM dangers” vanwege het bezwaar tegen de gentech anjer.

Wladyslaw (Taxiarchos228) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons. Bron.

We ontvingen eergisteren een steunbetuiging uit Frankrijk. Deze luidt als volgt:

Dear Gentechvrije Burgers,

We, the Non-Governmental Organization “OGM dangers”, based in Paris, France want to object against the renewal of the placing on the EU market of the GM carnation Moonaqua (TM) in giving our support to the objections of De Gentechvrije Burgers (The European GMO-free Citizens) in The Netherlands. Their objections were sent to the Dutch Ministry of I and W.

I would also stress the fact that such an opposition proves that we do not oppose GMO only for alimentary risks. The will of power embodied in the possibility of genetically modifying plants and animals could lead to a “brave new world”.

On behalf of “OGM dangers” I, Hervé Le Meur, president of the NGO, done in Paris on January the 14th of 2019

Sincerely yours

Hervé Le Meur

  “La couardise demande : est-ce sûr ?

   L’efficacité demande : est-ce politique ?

   La vanité demande : est-ce populaire ?

   Mais la conscience demande : est-ce juste ?

   Et il vient un temps où l’on doit prendre une position

   Qui n’est ni sûre, ni politique, ni populaire —

   Mais on doit la prendre simplement parce qu’elle est juste.”

                                           — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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