THE State of Emergency (Re. USA) Posted by Zen Honeycutt on July 16, 2019.

Quote: “Though there are many urgent matter happening in our world today, our administration needs to see the state of emergency, happening everyday in almost every American home, is the state of our children’s health.” From: MomsAcrossAmerica.

Why are the children of the USA so sick?

Cancer Maps and Glyphosate – Zach Bush MD – Farmer’s Footprint Behind the Scenes

“According to triple board certified doctor Zach Bush….the cause is primarily glyphosate. This is a bold statement, and one that the agriculture industry and our government would not want us to believe. However the problem is pervasive. Glyphosate is contaminating our water, urine, breast milk, food, vaccines and cotton products.Cancer Maps and Glyphosate – Zach Bush, MD

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