Jeffrey Smith Webinar: How Glyphosate Causes Cancer

From: BrocElite Webinar Highlights:
4:00 – What is sulforaphane?
8:00 – What are gap junctions?
18:00 – How glyphosate reduces gap junction function
22:30 – How sulforaphane improves gap junction function
32:30 – What is the Nrf-2 pathway?
41:40 – How glyphosate negatively impacts Nrf-2 and how sulforaphane improves

In this revealing interview by Jeffrey Smith with Dr. John Gildea, and Dr. Martin Katz, you will discover their breaking research on how glyphosate wreaks havoc in our bodies by disrupting the communication network between cells and how sulforaphane – the good chemical from broccoli – prevents this. “

Register here for the webinar. Tuesday, November 19th at 8 pm EST / 5 PM PST.