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2019: To the whole petition text of No GM carnations on the EU market, they withstand an herbicide that also is a drug against diabetes.

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History: May 20th 2003: A GM-Free London?

UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher addressed an historic gathering at which dozens of prominent scientists launched themselves as an Independent Science Panel (ISP) to counteract what they see to be a concerted campaign by the government and the scientific establishment to promote genetic modification (GM) under the guise of ‘sound’ science.
Zie I-SIS: Michael Meacher At Launch of Independent Science Panel

Noel Lynch, a Green Party member of the London Assembly, brought some good news to the conference. He reported that the Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has included the following statement in London’s Biodiversity Strategy: “The mayor will oppose commercial or experimental release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) into the environment in London”. The Greens in the Assembly are now lobbying determinedly for the Mayor to declare London a GM-free zone.

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